Assessment & Space Planning

A comprehensive review of current and future business plans precedes making decisions about real estate needs. We ask all the right questions upfront to lead you to the right decisions in the end.

Assess Current Business & Real Estate Situation

Conduct a thorough review of your business operations, workforce and workflow, and review your real estate portfolio --including all existing lease options and obligations.

Future Needs Analysis

Analyze strategic plans, financial projections, company branding, and work environment in order to identify criteria for selecting real estate options.

Identify Geographic Parameters

Sensitivity analysis with employees/clients/centers of influence.

Define Future Space Requirements

After synthesizing the business, financial, and employee information we educate your team about space utilization strategies. We carefully define your space requirements such as conference rooms, team space, private areas, café/kitchen, IT quarters, and open areas before moving forward.

Transaction Management

Partner driven execution at all steps including identifying and evaluating the space options, negotiating for the space that maximizes your operational and financial objectives, and managing the process to realize maximum landlord concessions.

Real Estate Market Study

We identify alternatives that align with your strategic plans, and operational and financial parameters.  Sometimes with negotiation staying put and renewing makes sense.  Early in the process we create a competition in the marketplace for your tenancy to ensure maximum landlord concessions.

Building Tours

We will provide your decision-makers with a tour of a variety of spaces to offer a vision of what is possible to create, and discuss the positives and negatives of each alternative.

Space Planning

We work with you and your architect or the building’s architect to determine which spaces will lend themselves to the best configuration to implement your strategy.

Solicit and Analyze Landlord Proposals

We will solicit offers from the various landlords which include the economic issues (base rent, additional rent, utilities, taxes, pass-throughs, construction allowance, cost of additional services like after hours HVAC, parking, etc.) and the non-economic issues (options to expand, contract, renew, terminate, signage, security, etc.)

Financial Analysis/Cost modeling

An accurate rent or cash flow model requires accurate information. Only experience provides the insight necessary to ask landlords the right questions to ensure all the possible costs of occupancy are uncovered. 

Test-fit Construction Plans

As part of transaction management services, we always include a space plan along with constructions notes. This helps to provide an accurate picture of what will get built and not built -- and the respective costs -- so that we can include them in the negotiations. Inexperienced tenant rep brokers often overlook the cost to build the space -- surprising their clients with unexpected charges for construction.  

Business Terms Negotiation

Creating a competitive situation with several viable options, along with persistent negotiating skills delivers significant and creative concessions from landlords.

Lease Negotiations

We work with you and your counsel to make sure your legal dollars are minimized. 

Lease Management

After the lease is signed, our partnership with clients continues to ensure the tenant improvements negotiated are fully achieved, and ongoing benefits are realized.  We also manage the critical dates and serve as your representative to deal with any unexpected issues or concerns that arise with your landlord.

Full value for landlord concessions

We ensure you receive full value for the negotiated tenant improvements and also realize the benefit of all future landlord concessions.

Synthesize Key Lease Terms

We abstract all key lease information, and organize and manage critical dates.

Manage Landlord Issues

It is not uncommon for unexpected issues to arise once you move into a building. The landlord could ask you to move to another floor to make room for a larger tenant, the building could get sold, the landlord could decide to remodel, or errors in expense pass through invoices could appear. As your partner we can step in to act on your behalf to resolve these or any other concerns.